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​User survey: Which editor functions would you like us to implement?

What’s happened so far

Hi, this is Björn writing, I’m the programmer of monkkee. As you may already have noticed, we have recently updated monkkee’s editor. By ‘editor’ we mean the large input field in which you edit your texts, and which also contains the toolbar. The toolbar features the formatting buttons that allow you to select a particular font size, insert images, etc.

With the latest update we have further improved the toolbar. Now you have the freedom to determine which buttons you want to see in your toolbar. To ensure that all editor functions are accessible to you, however, a small arrow icon allows you to display all available buttons.


Greetings from snowy Berlin! For you, we’ll go to any length, fearing neither cold nor snow 😉

The update is a step forward, but certainly not a revolution. This brings us to our main point: We would like to offer you a bigger selection of toolbar functions. Judging from the feedback we have been getting, many of you will probably be happy to hear this.

Why only now?

We didn’t add any new editor functions in the past because we didn’t want to overload the toolbar. One of the most praised aspects of monkkee is its clean and simple design, and we didn’t want to compromise on that. But now with the new option of hiding icons, this is no longer a problem. Users can now decide for themselves which icons they want to display in their toolbar. If you are using monkkee on both a computer and a mobile device, you can even configure your icons separately for each device type.

Which functions would you like us to implement?

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to hear from you which functions you would like to see in the future version of the toolbar. If you have any ideas/suggestions, please leave a comment below. We will collect all your comments and get down to work.

To get an idea of what is possible, please check out this demo of CKEditor. CKEditor is the editor software monkkee is based on. The ‘full featured’ demo offers numerous functions for you to try out. Please let us know if you particularly like a certain function. If someone else has already suggested your idea, just add your reply to their comment instead.

Have fun and thanks in advance!

P.S.: Your ideas will be much appreciated, as would be a small contribution to help us feed the monkkee and finance the tasks ahead.

Thanks to your comments we were able to implement some features