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    • Holly says:

      Of course I contribute! I’ve been here for at least 5 years. I’ve never had any problems and always feel safe writing personal thing. Thank you!!

    • kks says:

      Really like this! Using for a months or so. I really needed this kind of solution.

    • Charlie says:

      I used to use Penzu, but when I noticed a technical problem they asked to see one of the diary entries affected. Wanted to read one of my diary entries! WTF, I didn’t feel that was right, and realised that entries are not encrypted (it is possible to encrypt entries on Penzu, but it has to be done manually each time, which is not realistic). So I started hunting for something more secure, found Monkkee, and loved the concept, the way this has been done, and the way that donations is being used to raise funds (which I have done). But the best, is that the diary really does do everything I need, and does it really well. So thank you for creating this diary, and please, above else, keep it going 🙂

    • Kakra says:

      I meant to leave £10.00 but left €10.00 – I plan to do €12.00 per year if this works out.

    • Steve Scully says:

      Thank you. This looks good. I have not tried yet, but it seems like things will be fine.
      Anyway, like the software, I left a 10 (Euro?) in the tip jar. Thank you so much!

    • Mars says:

      At first I was skeptical, but this site completely fulfils my long sought after no-string attached journaling solution I have been missing out. My only wish is that it would one day involve a simple export option that will allow me to transport all the contents easily to another medium without fear of losing my inserts. Donation well deserved!

    • V.A. says:

      Love this site. I like your support too. Once I asked to fix a small issue in the export. The issue was promptly fixed. I don’t have many secrets in my life, so the security is not the primary reason I use this software. Actually, I regularly export everything to an HTML file and make a backup on Google Drive. Just in case. But I like the way this site is organized, it’s minimalism and simplicity. Great job, guys! Kudos.

    • William Tucker says:

      Could not log on for a few days and realized how much I missed the site.10 Euros. Thanks bill

    • Linsey says:

      Thanks for providing a great site!

    • Michael Wing says:

      I have been using Monkee for years, mainly to keep track of fitness and exercise goals. Perfect for me. That’s why I am happy to feed the Monkee.

    • lena says:

      I donated 10 euro. I know its not much but I appreciate this site a lot and I wanted to contribute a little bit 🙂

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