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    • andrea says:

      yeah, Penzu idk y they think they are awesome like I tried finding a good online diary and I think this is the one

    • Mark Day says:

      I left Penzu, even before my year was up, for Monkkee is exactly what I wanted in a Journal and it maintains all that is written from day one. Thank you for the design and ease of use. I will continue to give for it is surely worth it. Thank you.

    • Barry says:

      With covid, I’m practically flat broke, so could only leave €10, but I like what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

    • Ellen says:

      Was happy to feed the best journaling site around! Monkkee offers everything I need. I can’t imagine using any other!

    • J says:

      Is a fantastic platform so happy to donate to support you guys! I will donate as often as I can but sure at least once a year 🙂

    • sanju says:

      still, a student, going to be an earner soon. thank you monkkee, one day definitely support you , as you have supported me by storing my memories and feelings.

      there are many here, who donated on their own without any marketing requests, and it’s a sign of your qualitative service.
      we want our data secure for a lifetime, we gonna donate to u, to keep running at a high pace.

      love for monkkee, from an Indian monkey.

    • michele says:

      Thank you for the privacy! It is my escape.

    • Elizabeth Gage says:

      Best online diary I have found, well worth the 10 euros. I will donate regulary!

    • Pandaa says:

      I love this so much! I’m a college student and therefore have 0 time for myself. I used to use Penzu but Monkee is so much better! Donated 10 Euros! Thanks so much!

    • joe says:

      have only been using couple of weeks, and i think its really good
      i have donated 5 euros, for now, but will donate more in future

    • hanako says:

      I love this journal site. Monkkee has everything i want for my journal to have. I left 10 euro!! Thanks from Japan :))

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