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    • Andie says:

      Just donated 10 euro! It’s my second donation. I’ve been using monkkee for about three years now and I still love it. Thank you so much!

    • Brian says:

      Monkee has been providing me with a safe, quiet place to record my thoughts and memories and I began to think that the least I could do was support them with a donation.

      It’s meant a lot to me to be able to have a place where I can journal, be honest and look back on my own experiences.

      Thank you, Monkee, for your good work.

    • Michael says:

      Second donation, and this time I could afford 3x more than the first time! 🙂
      Thanks to Monkee, I did not need to remember all the stuff going through my mind all day long, so I was able to focus on other things. Really helpful!

    • Karen Hunter says:

      I am so blessed to have on line diary i know I love it

    • Stephanie L Golden says:

      Just donated. Wanted to try it out and I really like it. I didn’t want my life on the cloud but I did want access to it when on the go. Monkkee solves the problem. I don’t mind paying for a program that meets my needs…and with no pop up ads either.

    • WQL says:

      This is the BEST private journaling site that I could find. It saved my sanity during my horrific marriage, since I was married to someone who thought it was okay to read my private written journals.

    • BlueJ3669 says:

      Thank you for a great alternative, didn’t like LiveJournal’s site and I prefer that my entries are truly private. I appreciate the clean design & ease of posting, tagging and editing. Keep up the good work.

    • Andrew says:

      Great site! Thank you!

    • Sergey says:

      Donated 5 EUR – love the site, please keep improving it and adding features and add recurrent donation option for supporters (monthly?). Make the future of this site to be governed by choices of the users – let us vote for features we want the most!

    • ACesPlace says:

      Great site. You are saving my sanity.

    • Gary Sheffield says:

      Perfect for my new business and the office staff at TV Aerials Sheffield.

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