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Comments ( 245 )

  • Fary says:


    I really find this site useful and cool! I love recording my daily plans and events here! but I live in Iran and I can not donate with my credit card! I am so sorry! but send you much love, the best of luck on your current and next projects!


    Thank you for your services!

  • CJ says:

    Thank you for providing a safe space for me to bare my soul. I love the simplicity and security of this journal. I hope my donation helps to keep this site free for all who currently visit the site and those who have yet to discover this safe space. Thanks again to the Monkkee Team!!

  • Kimberly Hanna says:

    I LOVE this it’s easy to use. Also, I 🖤 that it logs out with inactivity!

  • Ken says:

    I appreciate the ease of use. Great place to journal!

  • Emma Maguire says:

    Absolutely perfect diary site. I wanted something that was this simple and literal, (without needing a tutorial to work out how to journal simple daily thoughts).

  • Elisabeth Scheffer says:

    By far the best option I have found for an online diary…..just remember to write down your password!

  • Franklin Morais says:

    I love the simplicity, and the full featured word processing functionality of Monkhee! Keep up the good work!

  • LH says:

    Gives me a place to put all my different areas of my life that I want to focus on. I love the ability to sort through all my thoughts. It is very easy to use and I love it!

  • Sage says:

    wow this is so cool!

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