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Comments ( 245 )

  • recep baycan says:

    liked it

  • Deborah says:

    i’m happy to donate. because journaling helps me so much with the things going on in my life and im happy to use the monkkee as my personal diary. im thankful for this site and glad to show support to keep it running.
    and its also very private which i like.

  • Sajid says:

    It is nice to feed the monkkee

  • Himanshu says:

    This is a great place to be. Security and Encryption of the diary notes is the best feature which Monkkee offers, which ensures your privacy.

  • Mark Day says:

    I love everything about this site. It has all the others beat, without a doubt.

  • RDAWG says:

    Great site! If the site ever stops running, please let us know

  • claudelepere says:

    I’m getting old and forgetting a lot of things… Very simple, very useful, monkkee helps me a lot.

  • Fran says:

    I like the simple interface. As an aspiring writer and someone who (tries) to journal everyday, I am excited to find a central, accessible platform that is not hosted on Googleplex.
    I think this will inspire me to write more and especially ditch my paper (vulnerable) journal.

  • Harshad Patil says:

    Liked it

  • Naing Tan Ba says:

    Just donated after putting in occasional entries over a year. I hope it stays up forever! and also please inform us by email if unfortunately the server has to be shutdown. Cheers!

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