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        • Sassy says:

          I just donated 3.50. I use this website on and off as it seems to be pretty private, and I don’t trust WordPress,other journal sites and apps to be private. I hope this site continues. I don’t get the mobile layout on my tablet and it could be laid out better. Love how it saves automatically and tag usage. Hope it continues. Thank you.

        • Christina Wieling says:

          Hi Sassy

          Thanks a lot for your donation! As regards the mobile layout on your tablet, we would be happy to analyse what’s going wrong there. If you like, you can leave us a personal message and describe the issue in more detail. To do so, simply go to “Contact” and submit a message via the contact form.

          All the best
          Your monkkee team

        • Arshad Jawed says:

          I am so happy, someone cares about privacy and user preference…
          I applied for a credit card, just to contribute to salute your service…
          All the best…

        • Christina Wieling says:

          Wow, thanks Arshad! 😀

        • RB says:

          I just began using your online journal and I must say I like it a lot. I tried a few others but between the ads and popups while I’m typing, they just did work for me.
          I have just one suggestion. Maybe I missed it but you may want to include a spell check with the program. Love your program.

        • Christina Wieling says:

          Thanks, we’re glad that you like monkkee!

          The application doesn’t have a built-in spell-checker, but you could enable the automatic spell-checker of your browser. We wrote a blog article about how to do this a while ago:

          Happy journaling!
          Your monkkee team

        • Alicia says:

          I love that there are no ads! Thank you!

        • Rahul says:

          Thank you for such a great app.

          I want to make a donation now itself. But, I am still a student. Will donate as and how I start making money.

        • Kamil says:

          This is what I have been looking for. Simple, good looking and useful. Pity that there is no Polish language but actually it is not necessary. Thank you!

        • Annette says:

          Free websites, and free apps as well, are great because there is no way to know in advance whether a particular site or app will work as expected, or at all, for that matter. When I considered online journaling, I read reviews, tried a few sites, and found that monkkee works perfectly for me! I will continue to feed the monkkee because once I find something that I know I like and will use, I am happy to pay for it!

        • Aljur says:

          Wow! Found this diary site very simple and secured. I want to donate soon. Newbie here. 🙂

        • johan says:

          Best journaling site by far, client-side encryption is the way to go. I don’t usually donate to anything, but this site is really worth it. Keep up the good work!

        • Ming Qin says:

          Donated because I kind of depend on Monkkee 😛
          I will keep donating in the future

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