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        • JJ says:

          Exactly what I was looking for 😀

        • Rebecca Firesmith says:

          ( the ant ATE the bread!) : )

        • Rebecca Firesmith says:

          I just found this website tonight. I started using another diary website that I found yesterday and I was not all that happy with it, especially when I had to do a hard shutdown of my computer because everything froze, and then when I logged in , my writing that I had just spent about 20 minutes on, was gone! Arrrr!
          And they kept pushing me to buy their Pro Version. I don’t think so !
          So I was very happy to find your site that is fun and cute and has unlimited storage and the biggy: Auto-Save!!!
          Thank you so much for this great site!
          (and for the cute ant that at the bread I gave it!)

        • Steve L says:

          ‘Have just started using Monkkee.

          ‘Seems good to me so far. I would like to see it continue, so have just donated 15 EURO.

          I will likely donate again and / or consider a paid subscription in the future.

          My only question / reservation at this stage is: how long will this service last??


        • Christina Wieling says:

          Thanks so much for your donation, Steve! We’re glad that you like monkkee. There are no plans whatsoever to give up on monkkee. On the contrary, there is a growing community of monkkee enthusiasts who love this journaling application as much as we do and who are willing to contribute on a regular basis. This inspires us to keep going and constantly develop new features. With all this support from our users, we are confident that we will be able to keep monkkee alive and running for many more years to come!

          Happy journaling,
          your monkkee team

        • Saowalux says:

          Monkkee’s clean design and user-friendly feature is just right for me. Thanks 🙂

        • Peeyush Sharma says:

          Thanks for providing client-side encryption!

        • slim says:

          unfortunate that you do not accept bitcoin.

        • Björn Weinbrenner says:

          That’s true, we don’t accept Bitcoin. Sorry.

        • Aryan says:

          The best journal I have ever seen…I’m using it for mah daily diary. It would be more exciting if emo or bitmoji would be supported….any smiley will be appreciated. Rest the web is jus superb

        • christina says:

          i love monkkee so far. i have just started using it but the fact that everything is secure and no one else can see it is a wonderful feature. it nice to be able to type and rant and not have anyone be able to see it and comment on it. GREAT JOB keep up the good work and the secure aspect of this website

        • René says:

          I had my online journal on WordPress for 4 years. When I heard of Monkee, I started moving all my articles here immediately. I love it.

        • Justin says:

          I like the simple and secure journal tool you guys have put together. Keep up the good work.

        • erjona says:

          it’s a wonderful website

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