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  • Johan says:

    Maybe one day you can consider the front page telling me IF there were any unsuccessful attempts to access as soon as I put in my username…… You will get my weekly donation. Keep up the wonderful work.

  • San says:

    Personally, I cant make a donation, but if you can please do!! Monkkee is a great place to write down your thoughts and clear your mind, plus it’s very safe and private (like everything should be).

  • Johan says:

    Just make a monthly donation, it does not cost a lot from your side, but it keeps something amazing online forever!

  • Johan says:

    To everyone, please support this site, I know it free but something keeping so much of your life on one secure site CANNOT go away. It will be a part of your life going away. So just give something to keep it online because it does cost money to keep anything online, so please support this site !!!

  • Johan says:

    This site is honestly something that everyone should be aware of. You can just write down all your thoughts and when you close it….no one in the world has access. A amazing safe and secure feeling. Again, thank you for doing this. My donations will not stop as a site like this must grow. Again, thank you.

  • ali hernandez says:

    this app its it already

  • minori says:

    thank you for this site. trying to keep from being fully devoured by the drooling maw of surveillance capitalism.

  • Jaclyn says:

    This place has saved my mental health. Thank you!

  • Niels Maerten says:

    When the mind starts spinning: Monkkee to the rescue! It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to just start writing when my head is overflowing with thoughts.

  • David says:

    Great little service. Been using it over a year and donated 3 times. Let’s keep it alive 😀

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