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        • Brian says:

          Thanks for the awesome and easy to use site. I’ll make sure to donate again every now and then.

        • Jorge Eduardo Maguiña Contreras says:

          I love monkkee. Please keep with the good work. These are just suggestions, but they might be useful:
          – Make it easier to give you feedback, I know an app is not a good option, but maybe a facebook community or something, you deserve to be known
          – If you want to improve something, it must be security. That’s your brand, that’s the reason I use it.
          – Translate it to Spanish. There’s a huge audience in Spanish. I myself have Spanish as mi native language. Contact me if you’d like an expericed translator (el español es mi lengua nativa, así que puedo ayudarles, en caso de que estén interesados)

        • Daryl says:

          Just donated. I like the simple layout. And that I can access on phone or desktop. Perhaps add drop down in menu for own created writing templates? Eg writing prompt 1, daily journal 2, gratitude diary 3, vent space 4 etc which the writer can create then save as a template
          Keep up the good work

        • ok says:

          Such a simple and secure site. Easy to use. Was glad to get the opportunity to donate as a way of saying thanks for the service. Will do so again as time goes on.

        • Vinay says:

          Wrote my first post and made my first donation. The concept is a life saver for someone that needs a secure outlet to speak without being heard. Hoping for good things. Keep it up.

        • Amanda says:

          Decided to start an online journal and based on a google search for free services, opted to choose monkkee (although they’re not at the top of the search). Like the simple approach and am willing to make donations to keep the service ad-free.

        • Sassy says:

          I just donated 3.50. I use this website on and off as it seems to be pretty private, and I don’t trust WordPress,other journal sites and apps to be private. I hope this site continues. I don’t get the mobile layout on my tablet and it could be laid out better. Love how it saves automatically and tag usage. Hope it continues. Thank you.

        • Christina Wieling says:

          Hi Sassy

          Thanks a lot for your donation! As regards the mobile layout on your tablet, we would be happy to analyse what’s going wrong there. If you like, you can leave us a personal message and describe the issue in more detail. To do so, simply go to “Contact” and submit a message via the contact form.

          All the best
          Your monkkee team

        • Arshad Jawed says:

          I am so happy, someone cares about privacy and user preference…
          I applied for a credit card, just to contribute to salute your service…
          All the best…

        • Christina Wieling says:

          Wow, thanks Arshad! 😀

        • RB says:

          I just began using your online journal and I must say I like it a lot. I tried a few others but between the ads and popups while I’m typing, they just did work for me.
          I have just one suggestion. Maybe I missed it but you may want to include a spell check with the program. Love your program.

        • Christina Wieling says:

          Thanks, we’re glad that you like monkkee!

          The application doesn’t have a built-in spell-checker, but you could enable the automatic spell-checker of your browser. We wrote a blog article about how to do this a while ago:

          Happy journaling!
          Your monkkee team

        • Alicia says:

          I love that there are no ads! Thank you!

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