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  • Mayank says:

    I am super thankful for the stress reliever session that journaling delivers to me. Thank you for the monkkee’s team for creating this website.

  • Miklós says:

    I really like the no-nonsense approach of the site. What is really important in a private journal? Security, ease of use, accessibility, organization. All of these boxes are checked by the Monkkee. Donating money is a given, other sites offer similar functionality for steep monthly/yearly membership fees.

  • Brian says:

    Great site! Simple, easy to use, and many useful features like exporting entries. I’ve been using this site for a while as a journal and it is a great way to express my thoughts.

  • George Grosman says:

    Simple to use, fun to use and I believe that the really useful stuff on the internet (read: NOT social media) should be supported

  • Beth McPherson says:

    I like the simple nature of this site. I’ve been using for a daily personal journal.

  • Shay says:

    Just donated again, made a commitment to donate every six months. Why? Because I love monkkee, the clean design, no ads, so safe and secure, and no option to make posts public. Just a sweet little place to hang out online, de-stress, and organize my thoughts. Also like it is a small team, not a big corporation. I journal here quite a bit, and it simply makes me happy to log in.

    Like a poster above noted, it feels like a friendly pet, and it’s my duty to feed the monkkee so it stays healthy!

  • Lucian says:

    Very good app

  • ME says:

    Great tool! Thanks for keeping it free.

  • Joseph says:

    Great online journal! Tried others but there were too many glitches.

  • Peter says:

    Pretty nice just signed up. You should think about implementing a subscription model like FreeCodeCamp. Instead of a one-time payment, people should be able to sign up for a subscription where you can donate every month 5 euros(or whatever can you afford).

    The service would be still free, but people who like it will be able to continually support it.

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