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  • Kate Tan says:


  • jigna bhatt says:

    I just started using monkkee! 🙂 I love the simplicity and the security. And also the name. Thank you!!

  • Tony Sims says:

    This journal does what it says on the tin. I tried Penzu and Journalate but neither have the features of Monkkee as standard. I like the clean interface, autosave and the editing toolbar which has all the tools I need to write so I donated. Nice work!

  • Pam says:

    I love the security feature, the simple set up, the lack of distractions, that it’s available from any computer or device. Thank you. I appreciate your hard work.

  • Nik says:

    Excellent, clean looking journal that does all you’d need.

    I have only been trying out Monkkee for an hour or two and I like it!
    I’ll definitely contribute in next 24 hours, and like some of the others, will probably offer donations on a semi-regular basis.

    Request: I love the immersive / distraction free full-screen mode. Any chance of a dark mode? Something like Novlr?
    Also, I haven’t thought to misspell yet but hopefully this plays well with Grammarly.

  • Larry A Summers says:

    I have tried Penzu and Journalate, which are competitors to Monkkee. Monkee is clearly the best. Penzu was OK, but does not have the formatting features that you have with Monkkee. I used Penzu for months, but then they changed their look and feel, and since it has been buggy, losing text, forcing me out of editing, and sometimes forcing me out of the app. Journalate is slow, and if you have a long post, which I often do, it loses text. In journalate it is cumbersome to look at older posts.

  • Delly Barker says:

    The safest place for my records and thoughts, it’s like therapy getting everything down ‘on paper’. Thank you so much.

  • monkkee man says:

    I love it

  • Judith says:

    I came, I saw the monkee and I donated! 😀 I am actually looking for a new online journal and I landed here, and I saw that vending machine, so I immediately donated. I love people who do nice things to others and that’s why I donated. 🙂 I will be using monkee now for my journal entries.

  • Hari Gopal says:

    Just donated, and switched completely from the Journey app. I loved the experience of using Journey, but was never comfortable with their weak security (riding on top of Google Drive, with an easily bypassed passcode). Monkkee’s client-side encryption is the way to go.

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