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  • R says:

    I had been using other journal sites that required an annual subscription that didn’t give me all that monkkee has given me for FREE. I love the clean, beautiful aesthetic of this site and the journal page. It allows me to write freely without the distraction of ugly colours, shapes, ads etc. It feels and looks beautiful when I write in here. I also love the language option for us non-US English writers and the fact that my journal is completely private. I can write whatever I like here and no one will ever find it. I think because of that complete privacy, I have been able to finally form a consistent writing habit which has been of tremendous benefit to me mentally and emotionally. I cannot thank you all at monkkee enough for this amazing site.

  • Francesco says:

    I’ve just (re)discovered the beauty of writing my thoughts, my ideas, my emotions… I have been using this site for few days only but quickly I felt the importance of it. I love this secret place.
    Thank you, Monkkee! I feed you with 10€!

  • AH says:

    Love this site!

  • Rob v A says:

    Top site erg tevreden over👍

  • Augustus says:

    Thank your for the journaling site. You it almost every day for writing down my thoughts. I like it minimalistic design. I respect the decision of the voluntary donation. Just donated 10€.

  • Luisa says:

    I love its simplicity. Clean, organized, efficient.

  • Jordi says:

    I just started using it and I love it, simple and clean, gorgeous!

  • EllenH says:

    I began using this awesome website for my journal entries at the beginning of 2020. It has everything I need, is very user friendly and secure! I’m in for life, and recommend to anyone who seeks an amazing free online journal.
    I just made my first donation, and it is so well worth it! HAPPY 2020, monkkee!!

  • BR says:

    Just donated for the 2nd time! I donated $120 USD. I LOVE the monkkee. It is my safe, free space. I figured I’d support all that server space that my thoughts are taking up! Thank you for this place.

  • Matthew says:

    I’ve only been using monkkee for about a month, and I’m really liking this platform so far.

    I wanted a free online diary application, and monkkee fits the bill perfectly. Its simplicity has earned my respect and patronage and I hope monkkee continues to thrive.

    Great job, developers of monkkee!

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