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    • Crystal says:

      After using the site regularly for several months I decided it was time to donate. This is the best free private journaling site I have found. My spouse likes to snoop on any hand written journals I have ever owned and sometimes take offense to poetry or personal things I have recorded. I don’t really have anything to hide but I feel that it is a huge violation of privacy. I found Monkkee while I was searching for a solution. Thanks guys!

    • Alexei Novikov says:

      I am not a lot of a writer, nor am I a day-to-day diary person. But I feel safe knowing that Monkkee is always there for me day and night. Secure, private, with no distractions, no publicity. This site is a perfect place for a secret introvert. I gave it 20 EUR. I’m paying more for things I don’t need. Why wouldn’t I give this well deserved reward for something that really makes my existence meaningful?

    • Liz says:

      I’ve been using this site for more than a year now and it’s such a nice place to keep journals – I really like the efficient, simple features. The font is so neat, for example. I love Monkkee and hope it keeps providing service to users 🙂 It’s not much, but I donated 10 euros!

    • Jon says:

      You really should accept bitcoin. You can set it up to convert right into Euros if you really want, but if you had been accepting bitcoin since you opened, your bitcoin value would have grown by 1000% or more. Plus, it’s convenient for users to use bitcoin.

    • Björn Weinbrenner says:

      Hi Jon!
      Unfortunately, monkkee won’t accept Bitcoin. Sorry!

    • Traveller says:

      As a survivor of an abusive relationship I was at rock bottom. I needed a private space to express my feelings, store useful research, document the abuse, and support the healing journey. Monkey has been invaluable. I know that I can write what I need to without any danger of it ever being made public. Thank you Monkey Team for being part of my recovery.

    • J says:

      I kept getting timed out and asked for a donation. I like coming here with no ads and no extra bs… just a place to write my thoughts. I realized this is the perfect place for me and I should donate, I don’t want to lose you! 😉 I’m a monkkee maniac

    • Néstor H says:

      Hey guys! Just wanted to show some love and tell you that this web app is awsome. I was looking for an app that could help me save notes, urls, interesting articles, etc, and this has gone beyond my expectations. The tag option is pretty useful to keep everything organized.

      Keep up the good work and I hope that this lasts for a pretty long time!

    • Neil Thompson says:

      Been using the site for a while and felt I needed to contribute something for an excellent service.

    • J says:

      In an age where privacy is an afterthought this platform shines. It’s nice to have a digital platform where you can record your thoughts on the fly without having to sacrifice privacy. Thank you for this great service.

    • Zuzu says:

      This is my home.

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