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    • AB says:

      Just discovered Monkkee today, but already love the aesthetic, security, can’t believe it’s free. And every time I look for something like backdating or nice formatting, it’s actually there. Inspired to feed the monkkee on day one.

    • Sten says:

      I’ve used this as my secure, accessible, tagged, dated, searchable private journal for years! It’s time I fed the monkkee. 🙂

      The only thing at all that I’d add is a simple REST API to allow people like me to develop their own apps and clients and integrations, but that’s perhaps above and beyond a basic journaling tool. Still, maybe this donation will help make it possible in the future! 😉

    • vickie says:

      I’ve been using Monkkee for years and it’s the best journal out there. Will continue to keep using!

    • Adrián says:

      You don’t use our entries as hostages to force a future payment like other do. That made the difference.

    • Miklós says:

      I am very happy with monkey. Already created a lot of content here. Glad to donate to keep this great thing going.

    • David C says:

      Try to donate yearly. Your site is awesome 👍. No compromises, easy, clean, and secure. Thank you🤘

    • Cynthia says:

      The Monkkee is cool. Happy to help pay some bills. Thank you!

    • Raul says:

      Your free site has too many good features. Customizable enough, but without a complicated learning curve. Loved it for 5+ years.

    • Gary says:

      You’re journaling / diary site is better than any of the paid for apps out there! It was a pleasure to make a donation to help keep it going!

    • Cassandra says:

      Having this site to write a journal and feel safe about it has helped me out of some really dark times. Thank you!

    • Sten says:

      Honestly, same. That’s why I originally started my account, and it was a HUGE help to me through probably the darkest time in my life (knock on wood).

      Thanks, Monkkee! 🙏

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