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  • Johnny C. says:

    I use Monkkee all the time. Great for capturing websites and their images for reviewing later, however I think Monkkee only links the images, pulling the data from the specified webpage, so if the website disappears, so do the images.

    Anyway, I still enjoy using Monkkee since it is secure, and I can access my data from anywhere, including my phone. Hoping this site doesn’t go away anytime soon, it is a valuable service and you can’t beat the price, if you decide to donate, which I did.

  • Miklós says:

    I frequently use this journal. It is safe, convenient and accessible. I have so much stuff here I wouldn’t know what to do without it. So of course I donate to keep it running.

  • Karan says:

    I just donated. I think this site deserves our support. I read a comment about how it has helped people’s mental health. It has certainly given me more sanity. I would encourage others to donate, even if the amounts are small. 🙂

  • M.Chan says:

    Thank you for offering this site free usage. This journal is very easy to use, we don’t really need so many fancy stuff to write a journal. Hope all your user will continue to support you through donation so that you can see this site alive.

  • Sharon says:

    This site is so very useful and valuable for me. Im going through one hell of alot at the moment so me being able to journal and knowing its safely locked away is brilliant ! Many,many thanks….and yes i have made a donation !

  • Johan says:

    Maybe one day you can consider the front page telling me IF there were any unsuccessful attempts to access as soon as I put in my username…… You will get my weekly donation. Keep up the wonderful work.

  • San says:

    Personally, I cant make a donation, but if you can please do!! Monkkee is a great place to write down your thoughts and clear your mind, plus it’s very safe and private (like everything should be).

  • Johan says:

    Just make a monthly donation, it does not cost a lot from your side, but it keeps something amazing online forever!

  • Johan says:

    To everyone, please support this site, I know it free but something keeping so much of your life on one secure site CANNOT go away. It will be a part of your life going away. So just give something to keep it online because it does cost money to keep anything online, so please support this site !!!

  • Johan says:

    This site is honestly something that everyone should be aware of. You can just write down all your thoughts and when you close it….no one in the world has access. A amazing safe and secure feeling. Again, thank you for doing this. My donations will not stop as a site like this must grow. Again, thank you.

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