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Social media – what’s your opinion?

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monkkee has a social media presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Our fan base is growing steadily but slowly. This is hardly surprising, since we keep a low profile on social media. What we lack is a strategy, and there’s a reason for that.

monkkee takes a fundamentally different approach from that applied by social networks. Social networks are public, ad-financed, have privacy drawbacks and apply opaque data collection practices. Everything monkkee stands for is the exact opposite: a maximum degree of security, privacy and confidentiality. The data is the user’s sole property, monkkee is totally ad-free.

How does this fit together? Actually quite well, because the only topic we write about in social networks is monkkee. And there is no direct link to the monkkee application. Or is there?

monkkee on the three social media platforms

How do you personally feel about this? Should we be more active on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter? Besides new features and software changes, should we also address other journaling-related topics? Would you be interested in subscribing to a newsletter? Please leave your comment below this article or on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, or use the contact form if you wish to remain anonymous.

Comments ( 16 )

  • Anon says:

    I’m not really interested in you sharing journalling related topics, or having I know you will likely need to get some money to keep the site going though, so, a difficult one. Not really interested in monkkee having more social media presence either. But if it takes something else to keep it going then that’s ok with me, as long as it’s kept fairly low key.. It would be helpful if it was made a bit more mobile friendly.

  • Mark says:

    I don’t think it hurts anybody for you to have a social media presence. I personally prefer to interact with organizations through their own websites, but I still have that choice even if you are on Facebook.

  • fy says:

    Please keep it low key as it has always been and as this is what has attracted me here in the first place. I made a total switch from another site, so I can have this one private. Thanks!

  • anonymous says:

    No, Please don’t become active on facebook or any other social media. I am using monkkee because of your unique style of maintaining privacy. I tried many other websites like this, but they were lacking ultimate privacy. Many provide options to make their stuff public which I did not like. Providing secret tool is one of their options, but here, it is your agenda. This website is amazing as is. Please don’t change.

  • lm says:

    Not interested in a news letter, no. Also I have to state that I came from another journal to monkkee because of this websites low key and privacy features. I feel more secure here. If monkkee becomes more like the rest than you will loose your specialty qualities and maybe even your members here. Please never change.

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