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Optimised loading of journal entries


Frequent writers now spend less time looking at our loader icon.

With the latest update, monkkee now provides even better support for frequent journaling activities. Daily journal entries can quickly add up. Before long, the first 100 entries are written. Those who remain loyal to monkkee for years may even generate up to 1000 entries.

To make sure that page loading times are not affected by a great number of entries, monkkee now loads your entries in an optimised way. In your journal overview, you will only see your 30 most recent entries at first. Only when you click on Load more (another 30) or Load all will further entries be loaded.

monkkee as a notebook

If you use monkkee as a notebook, you will benefit from the same positive effect. Those of you who take short notes several times per day will quickly have quite a few entries in their account. Due to the update, monkkee can now easily handle this.

Smartphones and tablets

The loading effect will also be perceptible on your smartphone or tablet. Compared to computers, mobile devices tend to have an inferior Internet connection, less memory and a smaller processor. Thanks to the update, available resources are now handled more efficiently.

Comments ( 2 )

  • Mary says:

    Thank you.

  • lm says:

    I have to say I love this website! I even started buying everything “monkkee” for my home! I’m monkkee : ) crazed!! From monkey soap dish holders, to monkey liquid soap pumps, monkey toothbrush holders, monkey stuff animals of all sizes, and lots more! : ) I started online journaling on penzu for privacy, but your limited to other functions unless you go Pro, and that makes me feel “left out”.
    I came across monkkee and I loved the privacy, and basic user friendly format, but I also loved that here I feel “included” as part of a team, equal to everyone else that uses this journal. Not to mention the staff here cares and includes us in on opinions on how to make this a better experience for everyone in here.
    I also love the emoji’s.
    I love the newest loading feature, and that I can put in an entry straight from my cell phone anytime anywhere I am.
    I wish there was a way to keep my journals separate from year to year, 2015, 2016, 2017 etc. Or also keep separate journals, say, one for personal relationship, another for exercise, food diet, etc., etc.

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