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New: Timestamp function

monkkee’s WYSIWYG editor has been updated with a new feature. The clock icon

can be used to insert timestamps into the content of any entry. In addition to the date of an entry, which still exists, the timestamp provides you with a possibility to add time information to your writings.

The following two examples demonstrate how the timestamp can be used.

Example 1: Journal with short entries

If you usually write very short journal entries, you can use the timestamp to structure a single entry. Like a journal within a journal.

This can be useful for specific types of diaries such as

  • Diet journal
  • Reflective journal
  • Health diary, symptom diary
  • Patient diary
  • Diary of observations
  • Fitness diary
  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding diary

Example 2: Add annotations to old entries

A second use case is to insert comments in older entries without changing the original text. The timestamp makes clear that this is an addition to the text. In this way, you can add new insights about your own thoughts.


What about you? Do you find this function useful? What are your use cases for this new timestamp function?

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