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Why monkkee won’t launch an app in the near future

Since the launch of monkkee, we have been concerned with the question of whether or not monkkee needs a dedicated mobile app. Apps are still very popular, they are often faster than web applications and they can be distributed easily through app stores. Several of you have written to us, asking whether we had any plans to develop an app.

And yet, we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it, and, as things stand, nor are we going to launch an app in the near future. Why?

Convenience vs. security

Apps are perceived as convenient. You’re not required to log in each time, can just quickly jot down a note… But staying permanently logged in would have serious security implications. Sometimes, we hand our smartphones to friends or family members as we show pictures or videos. Your private notes would be accessible with just two clicks, and this would go completely against the purpose of monkkee, which is to guarantee all users ultimate security for their journaling activities.


To develop a mobile app costs about as much as a small car. While we have expertise in developing software, our focus lies primarily on the development of web applications. A mobile app development would represent a major investment for us. While apps can bring money, the achievable prices are typically between 0 and 5 euros. monkkee’s user base is not yet large enough to bear the costs.

Ultimately, we would pay the major part out of our own pockets and this is something we simply cannot afford at the moment. monkkee is free of charge and donations are voluntary. We fully support this concept, but as a consequence, our financial scope is limited.

monkkee does already run on mobile devices


monkkee works with all common mobile browsers. From day one, it was possible to use monkkee on smartphones and tablets. We frequently released updates to provide improvements and further optimise the mobile experience. Also, as mobile browsers become faster the performance gap between apps and websites is closing.

We are aware that there are still some imperfections; especially on Windows Phone not every feature is optimally supported. Nevertheless, we are very satisfied and have removed the BETA label for mobile devices. From now on, you will no longer be in beta mode when accessing monkkee from your smartphone or tablet.

Comments ( 13 )

  • Johan says:

    I am using this for only one reason, and that is because of how secure it is and losing or compromising it in any way would almost be criminal. It is seldom that you see software like this being designed and then only asking for donations to help with financing. I would like to ask every person reading this message, and using the site to please do it. Finance the site as I believe it can go much further but that cannot be done for free.

  • Gianna says:

    I am so thankful,I really enjoy Monkkee I can now have secured a way of writing a diary I think investing in a mobile app is not necessary.

  • Chocolate says:

    Yeah what if someone deletes the data ??? From the app??
    So yeah I would suggest websites rather than a app

  • Nathan Marineau says:

    I agree with the security concerns. I chose Monkkee specifically because it requires me to log in every time. No, google, you may not save the password.

    Thank you!

  • Crycry says:

    I was asking myself why they didn’t have an app because Monkkee is just amazing!
    I really enjoy it. When I have the time, I just write a little bit and it becomes a novel haha!
    I understand why you can’t develop an app and that’s totally ok! We can’t ask you for more than you already give. I am just sad that this site isn’t known and I will share it the more that I can to bring you strength, so you can continue your wonderful work!
    I support you to keep going! I trust you!
    (Sorry for the faults I am not a native English speaker)

  • mimi says:

    thank you we love you

  • z says:

    apps makes it easier for sure. however, easier doesn’t always mean better. if monkkee was an app i probably wouldn’t be spending that much time writing my diary and understanding myself. instead i would write a few sentences on bus or on my way to school. now i create time for myself and write my diary at home using my laptop. monkkee is just great. no irrelevant ads, no eye-catching backgrounds. just simpe and nice. thank you.

  • Alain says:

    Monkkee est très rapide et grâce a son calendrier permet de voir les pages dans le temps.
    Il est très rapide et est protégé.

  • Vasja says:

    Not Having a Mobile App is Actually Monkkee’s Plus Point
    I think investing in a mobile app is not necessary. I have been adding my entries through my phoneS and I am actually quite enjoying it as there are no updates, interface changes and security risks. Simplicity is Monkkee’s strength. I have been telling all my friends about Monkkee (to the extent of becoming a little bit annoying :-). En revanche, having a place where I can put my thoughts feeling they will be safely stored (it is very important as when one is not sure of safety, one hesitates writing things down – in fact, it had been a major blocker for me until I discovered Monkkee), is important for journalling. So if you can even further strengthen the security, that would be an investment worth making. I have donated once, more will come as I reap the benefits of your great website.

  • hugo says:


    Monkkee looks great, but I need offline writting, and then sync… a shame. But good work anyway.

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