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The future of monkkee

A week ago, monkkee’s future was determined – at least officially.
During the past year, we have received many enquiries from users
asking us how we plan to ensure monkkee’s existence a few years from
now. In other words: What is the business model behind monkkee?

monkkee is now just over a year old and while we have taken our time
to answer these questions, a few things were always clear to us:

  • With its client-side encryption, monkkee is a unique product. We are
    convinced that the world needs monkkee and want to make the software
    accessible to any person wishing to use it.
  • Data privacy is extremely important to us. We will never touch or
    monetize the personal information of our users.
  • monkkee is the work of a few passionate individuals, not one of
    large internet companies. That’s why we want to shape the future of
    monkkee together with our users. Together we are strong and can
    compete with commercial providers.

When we launched monkkee, we were driven by the idea of a highly
secure online journal. We didn’t worry much about whether each and
every hour we spent developing monkkee would pay off in the end. And
we were rewarded for our efforts. More than 1500 users registered with
monkkee in a little over a year and provided us with a great deal of
positive feedback. We’re delighted that people have been so taken with
the idea of monkkee.


It is now time to ask our users to join in this and help us finance
the monthly costs for the server hosting and the further development
of monkkee. So we are encouraging you to support monkkee with a
voluntary donation. Here again, we are taking a rather unusual route.
With us, donating is fun. Check out our monkkee donation machine and
select your own type of support. Are you a pusher, a feeder, a lover
or a maniac?

We hope that you enjoy the donation site. Thank you for your
contribution. To the future!

Comments ( 5 )

      • Wondergirl says:

        Does this mean you are going to make this a paid diary soon and it will no longer be free?

      • Christina Wieling says:

        Thanks for commenting, Wondergirl! monkkee offers free access to all its users and we intend to keep it this way! That’s why we’ve introduced the concept of voluntary donation. By donating our users can help us cover the running costs for monkkee and allow us to constantly develop new features!

      • Magdy says:

        Are you ever planning to make android app which mange me add notes on go , that’s the only thing is holding me back from using monkkee 🙁

      • Björn Weinbrenner says:

        We’re planning an Android app, but it will take a lot of time and we can’t promise a release date. In the meantime all mobile users can use monkkee with their browser. We put a lot of effort into mobile optimization. monkkee is fully responsive and supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Feel free to try monkkee with your phone or tablet and share your experience with us.

      • xbjo says:

        Thank monkkee for realizing a possibility of private and secure online notes.

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