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Donations: New method of payment introduced

New method of payment: Donate with your credit card

Many of you have already supported monkkee with a donation and we are grateful for every single contribution we receive, no matter how small or big. Your donations help us to keep monkkee alive and running and allow us to constantly improve your journaling experience.

In the past, the only way to donate was via PayPal. Those of you familiar with this method of payment have probably noticed the yellow PayPal button:


When clicking on it, you were directed to a pretty straightforward payment site:


From here, you needed a PayPal account to continue. While it is true that many people have a PayPal account, it is certainly not everyone’s preferred payment method. We were often contacted by users willing to donate, but unable to do so without a PayPal account. This is why we have now implemented a new method of payment.

PayPal as service provider, but not necessarily as payment method

As a payment processing service, PayPal supports several payment methods, including credit card payment and direct debit, which is, for example, common in Germany. This means that even if PayPal processes the payment, a PayPal account is not needed. Below you can see monkkee’s new donation button:


The newly designed orange button indicates that everyone, not only PayPal users, can now donate. From here, the donor is directed to the new payment site:


At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button called “Check Out as a Guest”. This will take you to a page where you can enter your credit card details.


Try it out! The monkkee team greatly appreciates your support!!

Comments ( 5 )

    • tdh says:

      Great work!

      THIS IS IS ALMOST PENZU, BUT FOR FREE, wich to pay (by european method Ideal, so maintanaince would be more secured)

      Ok, to be real, Penzu has some extra features mainly in design options, but the main simple security and multiple journal options of penzu are all here, and strangely hardly to find in almost any of the other 1.000.000 inprivate, unlockable journal sites, or they are only useable as app, wich is not an option for comfortable focused writing.

      Case you owners didn’t find out you are owning a website still quite unique, as it has the Penzu hardcore functions (E199 lifetime, E20 a year) that still no other site offers, mines the Penzu design options, and a bit better zen mode (you can create big letters centred in the middle of the screen, and create black screen/ white letters f.i.)

      So, great job – and i wish you will secure maintainance, f.i. by offering subscription.
      I would suggest E100 for lifetime, if you could lock items instead of whole account, with password recovery for whole account (main benefitial option in penzu)


    • lidia says:

      I really like that you guys give prompt responses. That says you guys really do care.

    • lidia says:

      I really love ❤ this journal site. It’s very basic & simple to use without all that extra drama. Other diary/journals offer so much that at the end of the day they all like alike, plus, I don’t feel secure. The security and simplicity of this journal is why I stay here. My first journal was ***** only because I didn’t see this one first. Even though I feel secure with both, i like that I can manage the dates on, and the tabs, in ***** you have upgrade (go pro for a fee) to use these features. I Don’t want to see this site become the same ol’ same ol’ like all the rest. I like monkkee’s uniqueness. So I would like to donate, however isn’t there any way to donate via money order. That would work much better for me. I can manage that better and more regularly. Just saying.

    • Christina Wieling says:

      Hi Lidia, thanks for your comment, we’re glad that you enjoy monkkee and would like to support us with a donation. We offer PayPal and credit card as payment options because the fees are not as high as with international bank transfers. But if you like, you can contact me directly at to see if we can find an individual solution that works well for you. Thanks and happy journaling! Your monkkee team

    • Scott says:

      My credit card can’t be used with Paypal anymore. If I were to use your services only a daily basis, I certainly would make a small donation from time to time. Paypal is out for me. Wish you would offer a paid account.

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