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Donations needed for infrastructure

The server and database costs have risen massively and we need your support! The reasons for this are as follows. Better server performance At the beginning of the year, we significantly improved the performance of the servers. As a result, the cost of the servers has doubled. With enough donations in the next few weeks, a performance increase for the databases is also conceivable. Such performance increases will ensure that monkkee responds quickly even under load when you write and read entries or upload images. […]

New help and support system

monkkee now has a support ticket system. The previous contact form is no longer needed. The support system enables us to process your cases in a more reliable and structured way and help you with your problems in a more professional way. In the best case situation, our FAQ, which we have moved to the support system, will already help you. This way you can search for the problem yourself and perhaps already find a solution. You can find the support system here: German: […]

609 reasons to support monkkee

Since 2014, you have given us great feedback on our donation page. Still hesitating to support monkkee? Check out the comments below and donate too!!! sub pil says: 2022/04/07 at 2:30 am The best time saving webtool which saves lot of my time by not wondering what / how / when something went wrong . i simply go here and pick the tag and approximate date , that’s it !!! Thanks a lot guys! John says: 2022/03/27 at 4:12 pm Great site, perfect for my […]

Problems with contact form

Unfortunately, we had problems with our contact form for several weeks. Many messages did not reach us. As a reaction to this, we have now changed our service provider for sending e-mails. We ask for your indulgence! Your monkkee team

Eating your own dog food

“Eating your own dog food” (see describes the practice of a company using its own products or services. We asked Björn, the developer of monkkee: Do you use monkkee yourself and, if so, what for? I developed monkkee because I wanted to record my thoughts, which I used to write down on paper, in a safe place that is really just for myself. In fact, my first entries consisted of transcripts of paper records, which I then disposed of. And then, there was actually a […]

5 ideas how to use coloured tags

monkkee has a new feature: coloured tags. The function can be used to design and highlight tags. This increases the visibility of your journal or notebook entries in the overview. Tagging explained Tags are created from within individual journal entries. Here you can assign new tag names or select existing tags from a list. On the overview page you will find the link ‘Manage tags’. From this tag menu, you can rename tags, delete tags, and now also set tag colours. We have described the […]

New: Timestamp function

monkkee’s WYSIWYG editor has been updated with a new feature. The clock icon can be used to insert timestamps into the content of any entry. In addition to the date of an entry, which still exists, the timestamp provides you with a possibility to add time information to your writings. The following two examples demonstrate how the timestamp can be used. Example 1: Journal with short entries If you usually write very short journal entries, you can use the timestamp to structure a single entry. […]

How does “Tagging” work in monkkee?

A tag is a label assigned to a piece of information. It helps categorise and find data. Tags usually consist of only one term or keyword. Unlike categories or folders, tags are generally not arranged in hierarchies. One advantage is that several tags can be assigned for the same thing. In monkkee, you can tag your journal entries. This allows tagged entries to be found again by searching. In this blog article, we will show you step by step how to do this. How to […]

Why you must never forget your monkkee password!!

  We frequently get support requests along the lines of “I can’t remember my password. Can you please help me?”. The short answer to this is no. We usually provide a more detailed answer, explaining the reasons behind it and referring to the “Password reminder” function which allows any logged-in user to store a password hint. When creating a monkkee account, users are made aware of the fact that monkkee can neither reset nor recover lost passwords. This is explained on our homepage, in the FAQ […]

Social media – what’s your opinion?

monkkee has a social media presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Our fan base is growing steadily but slowly. This is hardly surprising, since we keep a low profile on social media. What we lack is a strategy, and there’s a reason for that. monkkee takes a fundamentally different approach from that applied by social networks. Social networks are public, ad-financed, have privacy drawbacks and apply opaque data collection practices. Everything monkkee stands for is the exact opposite: a maximum degree of security, privacy and […]

Your Christmas donation for a bigger monkkee server

More server, more power, more space,… Earlier this month, we moved to a new server after three years of operation. In fact, the monkkee community has been growing rapidly since our launch in 2013. With our new server, we have found a solution that can expand as monkkee grows. Thus, the future is secured – at least from a technical viewpoint. Naturally, the new server is located in Germany. We lay great emphasis on the label ‘Hosting in Germany’, as the data protection regulations in […]

Donations: New method of payment introduced

New method of payment: Donate with your credit card Many of you have already supported monkkee with a donation and we are grateful for every single contribution we receive, no matter how small or big. Your donations help us to keep monkkee alive and running and allow us to constantly improve your journaling experience. In the past, the only way to donate was via PayPal. Those of you familiar with this method of payment have probably noticed the yellow PayPal button: When clicking on it, […]

How to change the date of a journal entry

Change the date and time Each journal entry in monkkee has a date and a time. Whenever you create a new entry, the systems inserts the current date and time. Thereafter, the timestamp will not change anymore even if you modify the entry. That’s the behaviour most users would expect. But what if you’re looking to add entries to the past or future? For example, you may want to transfer some notes from another diary to monkkee and retain the dates. Or maybe you would like […]

Why monkkee won’t launch an app in the near future

Since the launch of monkkee, we have been concerned with the question of whether or not monkkee needs a dedicated mobile app. Apps are still very popular, they are often faster than web applications and they can be distributed easily through app stores. Several of you have written to us, asking whether we had any plans to develop an app. And yet, we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it, and, as things stand, nor are we going to launch an app in the near future. […]

New editor functions

In January we asked you which editor functions you would like us to implement. Many of you responded, and we thank all of you for your suggestions! We have evaluated the results and have been able to translate most of your ideas and wishes into new functionalities. The toolbar now offers you even more possibilities to express yourself, be it through emoji, special characters, fonts or formatting functions. If you don’t see the new icons right away, just click on the arrow icon to display […]

​User survey: Which editor functions would you like us to implement?

What’s happened so far Hi, this is Björn writing, I’m the programmer of monkkee. As you may already have noticed, we have recently updated monkkee’s editor. By ‘editor’ we mean the large input field in which you edit your texts, and which also contains the toolbar. The toolbar features the formatting buttons that allow you to select a particular font size, insert images, etc. With the latest update we have further improved the toolbar. Now you have the freedom to determine which buttons you want to see in your toolbar. […]

Editor optimised for mobile devices

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since our last blog update, but we haven’t been idle, on the contrary, we’ve worked hard to maintain and further improve monkkee and provide you with an even better user experience. As more and more of you are accessing their journals from their tablets and smartphones, we’ve made some improvements to the editor. The toolbar is now optimised for use with mobile devices and can be minimised to allow for more writing space. This is an advantage especially on […]

New: Export your journal as PDF, HTML, Markdown, JSON or XML file

We are proud to present monkkee’s latest feature – an export function for your journal entries! While your data will of course remain securely encrypted in your monkkee account, you now have the option to download them to an unencrypted, readable HTML or PDF file or further process them in Markdown, JSON or XML format. With the new export feature we would like to give our users the possibility to save their digital notebooks locally on a backup medium and edit their data outside of […]

The future of monkkee

A week ago, monkkee’s future was determined – at least officially. During the past year, we have received many enquiries from users asking us how we plan to ensure monkkee’s existence a few years from now. In other words: What is the business model behind monkkee? monkkee is now just over a year old and while we have taken our time to answer these questions, a few things were always clear to us: With its client-side encryption, monkkee is a unique product. We are convinced […]

Error-free journaling: How to add spell check to your browser

Typed too fast again? Why not enable the automatic spell-checker of your browser and get rid of those annoying typos that have crept into your monkkee journal? The advantage: Once enabled, the spell-checker will not only let you know when you have made a mistake in your monkkee journal, it’ll also check your spelling in web forms and text fields such as your emails! Get online suggestions for spelling errors All modern browsers have a built-in spell-checker. Enable it with just a few clicks. Below […]

Optimised loading of journal entries

With the latest update, monkkee now provides even better support for frequent journaling activities. Daily journal entries can quickly add up. Before long, the first 100 entries are written. Those who remain loyal to monkkee for years may even generate up to 1000 entries. To make sure that page loading times are not affected by a great number of entries, monkkee now loads your entries in an optimised way. In your journal overview, you will only see your 30 most recent entries at first. Only […]

monkkee is now available in French and Portuguese!

As of today, monkkee offers its services in two more languages besides German and English. At the encrypted diary application is now also made accessible to French and Portuguese speaking users. For the Portuguese translation, monkkee received support from Brazil. At this point we again want to express our sincere thanks to Rosana and Thiago from! We’d like to take the new languages as an opportunity to explain in brief how monkkee decides in which language the user interface is displayed to you […]

Improved support for mobile devices

With the release of the last update, monkkee has improved its support for mobile browsers. This is especially true for newer Android devices running Chrome, but improvements have also been achieved for other mobile operating systems and browsers. monkkee uses a visual editor, also known as a WYSIWYG editor (“What You See Is What You Get”) that offers editing features similar to those of word processing programs. The editor is the widely used CKEditor. This editor is a very complex software application and the newly […]

New feature: add images to your journal entries!

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new feature to monkkee today – you can now insert images into your journal entries! The new feature is free and available for all monkkee users. As your textual content, your photos will be securely encrypted through monkkee’s comprehensive encryption technology, so that no one except you can see them. How to upload and insert images into your online journal When you are creating or editing an entry, place your cursor where you would like […]

3… 2… 1… monkkee

We are happy to announce that monkkee has officially been launched today. Internet users from all over the world now have the opportunity to create a free online diary on and write down their ideas and thoughts. So do you! Your entries will be encrypted directly on your computer and thus remain strictly confidential and private. With monkkee, we bring a completely new product to the market, since no other journaling or notebook service offers this feature. Read more about our comprehensive security concept. […]

The test phase has started

A few days ago the official test phase of monkkee started. Together with a selected group of people we are testing monkkee from the ground up to be optimally prepared for the go-live. In addition to manual testing of the user interface, an automated load test is carried out, since we want monkkee to run smoothly even if several users write or read entries at the same time. The first testers have already given us their feedback. The design was well received. One tester summed […]